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At St. Agnes School, we are dedicated to providing an excellent pre-school through 8th grade education in the Catholic tradition. We believe community is not simply a concept to be taught, but rather a reality to be lived. Our school is an integral part of the St. Agnes Parish and we are committed to fostering not only each student’s intellectual growth, but also their spiritual, emotional, social and physical development.

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 23
MAGIC Match Committee Meeting - Noon
Long Range Planning Meeting - 3:30pm
7th/8th Grade IESA Girls Basketball - 6:00pm & 7:00pm at Little Flower

Friday, October 24
End of 1st Quarter

Saturday, October 25
Parents' Club "Trick or Trunk" after 4:30pm Mass (Dress in costume for Mass - Singing Aces to lead singing at Mass)-Click here for more information
5th Grade SCAA Girls Basketball - 11:00am at St. Aloysius
6th Grade SCAA Girls Basketball - 1:00pm at St. Aloysius

Monday, October 27
5th/6th Grade Girls Basketball - 5:30pm & 6:30pm at St. Agnes vs. Glenwood
7th/8th Grade IESA Girls Basketball - 6:00pm & 7:00pm at North Mac

Tuesday, October 28
Estate Planning Seminar at Cathedral - 6:30pm
7th/8th Grade IESA Girls Basketball - 5:30pm & 6:30pm at St. Agnes vs. Holy Trinity

Wednesday, October 29
Technology Committee Meeting - 6:30pm

Thursday, October 30
Halloween Party for PK-3yr - 10:00am

Friday, October 31
Halloween Parties for PK-4yr thru 8th - 2:00pm
Report Cards e-mailed to parents
Last day for turning in raffle tickets

Saturday, November 1
Parochial Speech Meet at Christ the King - 9:00am
5th Grade SCAA Girls Basketball - 11:00am at St. Aloysius
6th Grade SCAA Girls Basketball - 1:00pm at St. Aloysius
Parish Memorial Mass - 4:30pm



PeacebuildersWe are a Proud PeaceBuilders Site!

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New Student Referral Incentive Program
To thank our current families for referring new students to St. Agnes we have implemented a New Student Referral Program which offers a monetary incentive. For more information, please click here.


Parents' Club "Black Friday Windfall of Cash" Raffle

DON'T FORGET YOUR BLACK FRIDAY WINDFALL OF CASH RAFFLE TICKETS - SELL 5 TICKETS AND...YOUR STUDENTS EARN A FREE DRESS DOWN DAY AND YOU EARN 1 HOUR OF SERVICE! The Black Friday Windfall of Cash Raffle tickets are available now. The tickets are $20 each and there are over 25 cash prizes to be won including a winner of $150 every day from November 1 - 25th, a $500 early bird winner on October 5th and $1000 grand prize winner on November 26th. The tickets are available in the school office, after 9:30am Masses, and at upcoming school events. You can pick up your 5 tickets (or more!) and turn the money and stubs into the office at a later time (before October 30th). If you need tickets or more information please text Stacey Burke,306.4393 or Michelle Sorenson,652.3381.

Paving the Way for PeaceBuilders - Sponsor a Brick
We would like to invite you to become a permanent part of the history of St. Agnes as we begin Phase 2 of the PeaceBuilders’ Place playground. A brick pathway has been incorporated around the existing playground. There are three different size bricks available for purchase to remember a loved one, in honor of a parent or grandparent alumni, to recognize a current student, to recognize a scholastic/athletic team, as a graduation gift or to promote your business and list goes on. Click the link below to download an order form.

Paving the Way for PeaceBuilders Parish Picture
You can send payment and completed form to:
St. Agnes School
251 N. Amos Ave.
Springfield, IL 62702
Attn: Nancy Peterson