St. Agnes School Cafeteria


Volunteers Needed

The cafeteria is in need of volunteers. Duties include: collecting lunch tickets, milk tickets, wiping tables, and assisting students.  If you are interested in helping please call Mrs. Adams at 217-793-1370. 


Cafeteria Program

The school cafeteria’s financial operations (on a self-supporting plan) include expenses such as salaries, utilities, insurance, garbage service, food and milk, which are not covered by government subsidy.  In order to continue the operation of this program at our school we need your help as parents to encourage your children to eat a nutritiously balanced hot meal daily.

The Hot Lunch Program receives no financial assistance from the church or the school, so this program is totally dependent upon the number of children that eat daily.  The government provides some financial assistance and some assistance in commodities which is how we keep the amount of the lunches at a low price.  Please support the hot lunch program.  Thank you. 

A monthly lunch menu can be found under "parents" tab and Lunch Menu and the "calendars" tab and Lunch Menu. Parents may also find the menu on the Rediker Parent Plus Portal.

Lunch Accounts

Monthly menus are distributed to the youngest child in school.  A Type-A Elementary Lunch is served using the United States Department of Agriculture guidelines.

Each student is provided with a lunch/milk debit card.  Parents are encouraged to deposit sufficient funds to cover the cost of their child(ren)’s lunch or milk for the year.  Please send checks in an envelope marked  "Lunch Money" with your child’s name and grade on it. 

Parents may view and make payments to their family school lunch account by using this link Web Account Viewer (WAV). Parents will need to log in with their ID & PIN numbers.

Hot Lunch (includes milk) is $3.00 daily, extra entree is 75¢ and milk is 30¢ a carton for students bringing cold lunch.  When your child uses his/her card for lunch or milk that amount is deducted from the child’s account.  Lost or damaged lunch account cards will be replaced at a cost of $2.50.  If the student’s lunch account balance falls below $5.00 a notice will be emailed to parents.  Balances are usually checked twice a week.  Any remaining balance in the account at the end of the school year will be carried over to the next year.  Credit balances from graduates will be transferred to the next oldest sibling.  Any unpaid negative balance at the end of the school year will result in the student’s report card being held.

Nutrition Guidelines

All foods and beverages sold individually (apart from the reimbursable school meal) shall be well-regulated and consistent with the nutritional goals of the St. Agnes Wellness Policy as required by the State.  This includes:

  • a la carte offerings in the food service program;
  • food and beverage choices in vending machines, snack bars, school stores;
  • food and beverages sold as part of school-sponsored fundraising activities.

Every effort shall be made to provide nutritious and appealing foods and beverages, such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy foods and whole grain products, wherever and whenever food is sold or otherwise offered at school.

Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Program

Families interested in the Federal Government Free or Reduced-Price Lunch Program may complete the application included with the download below and turn it in to the school office.  INCOME INFORMATION ON THIS FORM WILL BE HELD CONFIDENTIAL. 

For more information, download:



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