St. Agnes School Dress Down Day


Dress Down Day Rules - Updated October 2018

Writing on clothing that hinders a positive Christian witness is not acceptable. Advertising of alcohol, tobacco, and non-Christian music groups is prohibited. References to gangs, satanic symbols, or other symbols or comments that can cause offense are not allowed. Worn or torn garments are not permitted. Extreme tightness in clothing is unacceptable.

Hats and caps may NOT be worn unless they are approved by the school for a specific occasion.

  • Pants worn must be jeans, capris, mid-thigh to knee length shorts, loose-fitting athletic pants/sweatpants/joggers. Leggings/jeggings may be worn underneath a mid-thigh or longer length dress or mid-thigh or longer length shorts. *Pre-K thru 3rd - Legging/knit pants may be worn with a standard top/dress.
  • Sandals or Crocs© are not to be worn. Boots with a rubber sole/no heel are allowed, but students must brin alternative shoes for P.E. class. If dress down day occurs on a P.E. day, P.E. shoe rules apply.
  • NO tank tops, midriffs, halter tops, t-shirts with inappropriate messages, low-cut blouses, or any clothing which offends against modesty or good taste will not be allowed.

Students are expected to wear clean, neat clothes. Extreme tastes in clothing are not permitted. Students will be asked to call home for a change of clothing if they are dressed inappropriately on a non-uniform day. Students not following the policies for a non-uniform day will lose the privilege of dressing down on the next non-uniform day.

Students will not be allowed to call for clothing changes if they have forgotten to dress down. Announcements of non-uniform days are made in the Thursday Newsletter, by email or through special fliers.

Wednesdays are Spirit Days. Students may only wear clothing with the St. Agnes Logo or other clothing related to a program at St. Agnes.