Kindergarten - Miss Penning


KA - Miss Trish Penning

Welcome to Kindergarten! 

Welcome to Kindergarten! Kindergarten is an exciting place where your child will learn about God, begin to read, explore science, do math calculations and interact with each other.

The children will learn many new things with our weekly themes in Kindergarten. They will learn 75 sight words and explore the world of Reading with our Reading Series: Wonders. The children will be able to sound out words phonetically. The children will count to 100 by ones, fives and tens. They will explore math in centers with addition, subtraction, graphing, patterning, ten frames and geometry. They will grow closer to God by learning the prayers of our Faith. They will explore the universe. In science, they will study the life cycles of the chicken and the butterfly. They will learn their manners and celebrate it in an "Elegant Event".

Come and begin the steps to lifelong learning! Kindergarten is the place to be!

Classroom Aide:
Miss Alison Otto

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