Mrs. Sue Mosher


Physical Education - Mrs. Sue Mosher

Welcome to P.E. !  In this class we hit the ground running (literally).  Right away we learn the importance of cardiovascular fitness, staying physically active and what it means to have a healthy body and mind.

Pre-K and Kindergarten will develop locomotor and non-locomotor skills, handling objects, demonstrate ability to cooperate with others, use objects to foster visual tracking and experience exploration to foster creativity and spatial awareness.

First and second grade will develop the concepts above to a greater extent and we will incorporate jump rope skills, movements used in games, spatial awareness. Also be able to cooperate with others as a team member.

Third and Fourth grade will be able to demonstrate group games, modified games and team games. Demonstrate cooperation start to build strength, stamina and flexibility.

Fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth  will understand total physical fitness, team sports and strategies, and tactics with the development of fundamentals in activities and exercise.  They will also have the knowledge of team games and organized  sports, develop self concept, self control and cooperation.

St. Agnes sports start in grade 5-8. Follow website for schedules.

Get moving with St. Agnes students this year!!


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