St. Agnes School Student Council


Student Leadership

The St. Agnes Student Council is a leadership group that gives students a “voice” in matters that directly affect the students. Officers, Commissioners and Class Representatives meet monthly to discuss and plan for special activities and projects. Ideas from the students at large are brought to these meetings by the Class Representatives.

The Officers work with the Principal to set agendas. The Commissioners (Spirit, Service, PeaceBuilder, and Christian Action) work with a teacher moderator. Students campaign for these positions at the end of September. Election day is the first Friday in October. Student Council meetings will be held on Mondays after school once a month beginning in October. Students who miss more than four meetings will lose their place on the Student Council.

Listed below are the responsibilities of the various positions:

Officers (8th Graders Only)


  • Represents the students of St. Agnes School
  • Speaks in the name of the students when asked by the Principal
  • Plans and conducts meetings of the Student Council and Executive Committee
  • Proposes ideas to Student Council
  • Works hard to keep people active and involved
  • Works with other Officers, Advisors and the Principal
  • Must have a strong leadership ability
  • Is a member of the Executive Council

Vice President

  • Is the “chief helper” of the President
  • Serves at meetings if the President is absent
  • Help to keep committees organized
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee


  • Keeps the minutes of all Council meetings
  • Keeps reports and records, and maintains Student Council binder
  • Handles all correspondence of the Council
  • Writes monthly newsletter article
  • Responsible for posting the approved minutes on the Student Council bulletin board
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee


  • Is the finance officer of the Council
  • Maintains records of income and expenditures related to the Student Council
  • Handles funds, keeps records and receipts, delivers money to the office
  • Coordinates financial matters related to fundraising event
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee

Executive Committee
(Officers, Commissioners and Advisors of Student Council)

  • Oversees the planning of the Council
  • Periodic evaluation of meetings and activities
  • Sets goals
  • Establishes policy

Commissioners (6th, 7th & 8th Graders)

Christian Action

  • Plans and leads the opening and closing prayer at each Council meeting
  • Works in developing religious themes to enhance the prayer life of the student body
  • Promotes positive Christian character and Gospel values in students
  • Provides opportunities and activities for growing in Faith life
  • Is a member of the Executive Council


  • Provides the leadership and organization of service projects selected annually
  • Responds to new needs as surfaced and approved by the Executive Committee
  • Sets up the meeting room for different activities
  • Keeps the school and grounds clean
  • Coordinates “Labels for Education Programs” (Example: Campbell Soup Labels)
  • Is a member of the Executive Council


  • Promotes school pride and spirit through student involvement
  • Plans and schedules School Spirit Days
  • Promotes student activities within the school, parish and community
  • Is responsible for the Student Council bulletin board
  • Is a member of the Executive Council


  • Promotes PeaceBuilder principles through quarterly displays
  • Reads PeaceBuilder notes to student body twice a week
  • Recognizes a class or group who demonstrates the PeaceBuilder qualities
  • Is a member of the Executive Council


  • Liaison between Student Council, teachers and assigned classroom
  • Report to assigned classroom and teacher about Student Council meetings
  • Brings to Student Council meetings ideas and concerns from the students

Rules for Student Council Election Campaign

  1. Students who do not adhere to the following policies will be withdrawn from the campaign.
  2. Candy, food or other edible objects may not be given out.
  3. No more than (5) posters per candidate may be put up in the hallways. Signs should be no larger than regular poster board size.
  4. Students should ask the permission of teachers to distribute items in the classrooms.
  5. Items such as handmade bookmarks or buttons are encouraged.
  6. Materials may not be attached to the desks.
  7. Materials for student use will be available from the school except for poster board. Students may purchase poster board or sticker paper for badges. No other expenses may be incurred.
  8. Students are encouraged to use their creativity in preparing campaign materials.
  9. Students must conduct themselves at all times in a Christian manner.