St. Agnes School Testimonials



The true measure of a great school can be found in the comments from parents, grandparents, staff, students and the community. Below are testimonials we have received from St. Agnes School families.

“St. Agnes School provides a faith-based, Christ-centered education for my daughter. She is developing educational skills that will benefit her for many years to come. I am confident that she is receiving a high-quality education which is second to none at St. Agnes because of the commitment of the teachers, staff, and parishioners who care very deeply for her.”


“Joining the St. Agnes family has been one of the best decisions we have made for our son and family. All too often, however, we don’t slow down and acknowledge what wonderful things you do every day. We don’t take time to simply say ‘thank you for all you do.’ Many times we call or talk to you about problems or concerns we have for our children and don’t stop to realize what an incredible impact you have on their minds. It’s wonderful to see their eyes wide open when they learn something new or are reassured about something they thought they knew. Without dedicated people like all of you in this world, our children would not succeed. We instill values, in the hope that one day our children will realize we were right and always had their best interest at heart. You reinforce those values and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You all are truly heroes. Keep up the GREAT work and God Bless.”


“St. Agnes School brings sunshine into the life of our family by providing a quality educational experience that is enhanced with God’s presence.”


“Our family has been blessed by St. Agnes School with the opportunity to form many friendships. It is a nurturing community of faith that provides support and allows us to enlighten each other on parenting, faith, and other areas of life. It also provides a good Catholic Education in a safe environment. This allows us to grow spiritually, morally, intellectually, emotionally and socially. St. Agnes School allows us to use and develop our talents given to us by God through academics, sports, fine arts, social programs and competitions.”


“Our family has had the gift of a Catholic Education for many generations. Over the decades Catholic Schools have touched us with spiritual growth. Now St. Agnes is molding our newest generation and building our leaders of tomorrow in a Godly way. God Bless the children of St. Agnes and the teachers who lead them.”