St. Agnes School Volunteer Information


Volunteer Information

A child’s education is facilitated and enriched by the use of a variety of resources. Invitations are extended to people who can provide services beyond the usual scope of the textbook for which school personnel are not available. Because of the generosity of many volunteers, St. Agnes School has many enrichment opportunities for students.

Volunteers are an integral part of the educational program at St. Agnes School. Parents, grandparents of St. Agnes School children and St. Agnes parishioners are always welcome to volunteer their services to the school. Volunteer forms are provided in the school packet or in the school office.

For more information or to become a volunteer please call the school office at (217) 793-1370 or e-mail us at .

Protecting God’s Children

Attendance at the Diocesan required “Protecting God’s Children” program and compliance with Diocesan Policy on Sexual Abuse of Minors is required for parents and others who volunteer and/or attend classroom parties, field trips, etc.

St. Agnes requires both parents of preschoolers and students new to St. Agnes to attend this program during the first year of attendance at St. Agnes. The program may be completed at any session offered in the Diocese.